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- UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Back to Basics: Israel’s Arab Minority and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (International Crisis Group, 2012)


Mission Statement

The mission of DIRASAT is two-fold:

  1. To influence the decision-making process at the state level in the direction of adopting laws and policies that rest on the principles of substantive equality and inclusion, as opposed to discrimination and exclusion. To this end, DIRASAT works on identifying viable alternatives to the existing laws and policy frameworks, developing position papers on respective specific issues, and lobbying decision-makers.
  2. To enhance the capacity of the Arab public and its leadership to make informed strategic decisions regarding: a. the goals to be sought if substantive citizenship is to be enjoyed; and, b. the strategies to be employed in the attainment of these goals. Toward this end, DIRASAT carries out high quality applied research on equality and on a wide array of issues of concern – especially in the socio-economic fields – in order to identify barriers to equality and inclusion, as well as to propose alternatives to the existing state of affairs in both quantitative (formulas regarding resource allocation) and qualitative (the types of services) terms. Furthermore, it conducts seminars, study days and trainings to discuss the findings of the research with relevant parties as well as to develop together the specific law and policy recommendations to present to decision-makers at the state level. Given the nature and implications of the issues at stake, DIRASAT is invested in following participatory approaches in all phases of its work, including the setting and prioritizing of its research agenda, as well as the development of specific policy recommendations. DIRASAT is also dedicated to taking gender sensitive approaches and on promoting policies that can positively impact the status of women and their access to rights

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