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- UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Back to Basics: Israel’s Arab Minority and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (International Crisis Group, 2012)




The Center’s Establishing Group and professional team includes over 35 academics, professionals, and community activists, who have taken part thus far in the establishment and consultation process:


1. Mr. Shawki Khatib (Head of the High Follow-Up Committee for Arabs in Israel)

2. Mr. Nabeh Abu Saleh (Head of the Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education)

3. Dr. Muhamad Amara (Beit Berl College, Bar Ilan University)  

4. Prof. Muhamad Abu Nimer (American University, Washington, DC)

5. Mr. Atef Moadi (Director, Follow-up Committee on Arab Education)

6. Dr. Hala Espanioly (Attufala, Haifa Teacher's College)

7. Prof. Ismael Abu-Saad (Ben Gurion University)

8. Ms. Ghaida Rinawy-Zoaby (National Committee of the Heads of Arab Local Authorities)

9. Dr. Ayman Egbaira (Beit Berl College, University of Haifa)

10. Dr. Nihaya Dauod (Ben Gurion University)

11. Mr. Hussam Abu-Baker (Principal, al-Mutanabi High School, Haifa))

12. Dr. Khaled Ghanayem (University of Haifa)

13. Ms. Bouthayna Dabit (Shatil)

14. Mr. Baker Awady (Center Against Racism)

15. Dr. Thabit Abu-Ras (Ben Gurion University)

16. Adv. Ali Haider (Co-Director of Sikkuy)

17. Adv. Auni Bana (Association for Civil Rights in Israel)

18. Adv. Durgham Seif (Karamah Association for Human Rights)

19. Mr. Muhanad Mustafa (University of Haifa)

20. Mr. Sharaf Hassan (Association for Civil Rights in Israel)

21. Mr. Ayed Ali Saleh (Galilee High School)

22. Dr. Khansaa’ Diab (David Yallin Teachers College)

23. Mr. Habib Hazzan (Strategic Consultant)

24. Mr. Marzouq Halabi (Jadal)

25. Dr. Nidal Suliman (Notre Dame University)

26. Ms. Manar Gomaid (Follow-up Committee on Arab Education)

27. Dr. Ibrahim Mahajneh (University of Al-Quds)

28. Dr. Khaled Arar (Principal, Jaljolia Hight School)

29. Mr. Marwan Athamneh (Journalist)

30. Mr. Jamal Athamneh (Oxfam)

31. Ms. Ghada Abu Jaber (Organizational Consultant)

32. Mr. Fathi Marshood (Shatil, organizational Consultant)

33. Mr. Jaber Asakleh (Shatil, Organizational Consultant)

34. Ms. Emily Schaeffer (Resource Management Consultant)

35. Ms. Rebecca Vilkomerson (Resource Management Consultant)

36. Dr. Yousef T. Jabareen (University of Haifa)

P. O. Box 3190, - Nazareth 16131 - Tel: 972-4-6083333, Fax: 972-4-6083366 - Email: dirasat.aclp@gmail.com